a highly specialized and ritualized form of predation

Last week Patagonia’s excellent blog, The Cleanest Line published a post on my film, One in Winter. I wrote an introduction for it with the intention of setting the scene to an audience which may or may not be as geeked out as us about fishin’. Surprisingly, it sparked an impassioned dialog of comments between two writers. As far as I’m concerned, their debate strikes at the deepest of deep questions concerning the personal and social morality of our spot, with all its attendant hypocrisies and truths.

What they’ve written is amazing. Neither slings bull. They’re both right on. Yet it’s striking how their viewpoints come from essentially the same set of angling experiences to arrive at profoundly different moral conclusions.

One’s an angel, and then one’s a devil, maybe. Which is which can only be decided by you, maybe.

One things for sure, like all angels and all devils, both command massive respect. Beause they’re both inside us.

Check yourself! The Cleanest Line: One in Winter

1 Response to “a highly specialized and ritualized form of predation”

  1. 1 mark March 28, 2012 at 11:51 am

    life is just as complicated as many of the conservation issues, and that is the very reason we need to have a good game plan . Good post and good thought on this topic. Ryan

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